2016 NZSTI Conference

Project spokesperson Stefan Grand-Meyer spoke about Treaty Times 30 at the 2016 NZSTI Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand on Saturday 28 May 2016. Below is the speech he gave.

Dear fellow translators,

This year, the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters turns 30. To mark the occasion, the Wellington branch, with the support of the National Council, recently launched the Treaty Times Thirty project.

Photo of Stefan Grand-Meyer speaking at the NZSTI Conference
Stefan Grand-Meyer speaking at the NZSTI Conference about Treaty Times 30.

This is an ambitious initiative to translate both the English and Māori versions of the Treaty of Waitangi into 30 different languages. We will publish the resulting 60 translations into a book, and gift them to the people of New Zealand at an official event.

Why the Treaty of Waitangi? Continue reading “2016 NZSTI Conference”


NZSTI Conference in Christchurch

Logo of the 2016 NZSTI Conference

The New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters is holding its annual conference this weekend (28-29 May) in Christchurch. This year’s theme is ‘Redefining Boundaries – Facing New Challenges’. Click here to find out more.

Project spokesperson Stefan Grand-Meyer will be giving a presentation on Treaty Times 30. He will outline the project’s purpose, its value to New Zealand and the translation industry, as well as its development and current status.

Treaty Times Thirty: collaboration stage

We’re very excited to announce that the collaboration stage of the Treaty Times Thirty project is just beginning.

In the collaboration stage, translators will work together to review the translations that have been completed, taking the best of each one and producing a combined text. Continue reading “Treaty Times Thirty: collaboration stage”

Treaty Times Thirty: review stage starting soon

Hi all, this is just a quick update from the Treaty Times Thirty project committee. We’re very pleased that the project is progressing very well, although the translation phase is taking a little longer than first expected!
We’re extremely grateful to all of the translators working on the project. It’s great to see that some translators have submitted translations already, as we’re planning to get the review phase underway shortly. The project committee will be meeting soon to finalise the details of the review phase.
If you’ve arranged to do a translation for the project, please complete your work and send in your translation so we can keep the momentum going. Thank you so much!




Treaty of Waitangi to be translated into 30 languages


In an exclusive interview on Māori Television, Stefan Grand-Meyer announces the launch of the Treaty Times Thirty project – an initiative of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters. Over 90 translators will work together to translate both the Māori and Pākehā versions of the Treaty of Waitangi into 30 languages.

Watch here.