Interview with Willie Jackson

Tiriti translated for 30 tongues

New migrants may get an insight into the debate over the Treaty of Waitangi as the result of an initiative by the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters.

To mark its 30th anniversary, the society wants to translate the treaty into 30 languages and gift the work to the people of New Zealand.

Spokesperson Stefan Grand Meyer says to reach the expected standard at least three translations in each language will be provided.

He says as well as providing a different take on the English and Maori language versions, it may also produce insights as the concepts take on the shapes of other languages.

“It is a huge contribution to furthering the understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi, especially with newly-arrived migrants who do not necessarily speak English or Maori very well and would like to understand what the Treaty of Waitangi is about,” Mr Grand Meyer says.

The 30 translations should be completed by August.

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Source: Radio Waatea,