We’re finalists in the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2017!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re finalists in the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2017.  Continue reading “We’re finalists in the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2017!”


Treaty Times 30 project in its final stages

We are delighted to announce that our Treaty Times 30 project is reaching its final stages. The original English version of the Treaty of Waitangi and a modern English translation of its Maori version have been successfully translated into 30 languages and reviewed by expert reviewers. The translation work is expected to be published in February 2017, representing over 200 people’s voluntary collaborative effort, and will soon be gifted to the Governor-General on behalf of the New Zealand people. Continue reading “Treaty Times 30 project in its final stages”

The Treaty Times Thirty Project – all translations are in!

Yes, in time for International Translations Day, we are happy to announce that all translations for the Treaty Times 30 project are now complete! We are therefore not looking for any more volunteer translators. Continue reading “The Treaty Times Thirty Project – all translations are in!”

The Treaty Times Thirty: update on progress and languages needed

Good progress is being made on the Treaty Times Thirty project!

One language (Spanish) is ready for publication, 10 languages are ready for a final review by a native speaker of the target language who is an expert in this type of document, 12 languages are in various stages of collaborative revision and two languages are awaiting one final translation to be completed so that collaborative revision can begin. Continue reading “The Treaty Times Thirty: update on progress and languages needed”

NZSTI Conference in Christchurch

Logo of the 2016 NZSTI Conference

The New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters is holding its annual conference this weekend (28-29 May) in Christchurch. This year’s theme is ‘Redefining Boundaries – Facing New Challenges’. Click here to find out more.

Project spokesperson Stefan Grand-Meyer will be giving a presentation on Treaty Times 30. He will outline the project’s purpose, its value to New Zealand and the translation industry, as well as its development and current status.

Treaty Times Thirty: collaboration stage

We’re very excited to announce that the collaboration stage of the Treaty Times Thirty project is just beginning.

In the collaboration stage, translators will work together to review the translations that have been completed, taking the best of each one and producing a combined text. Continue reading “Treaty Times Thirty: collaboration stage”

Treaty Times Thirty: review stage starting soon

Hi all, this is just a quick update from the Treaty Times Thirty project committee. We’re very pleased that the project is progressing very well, although the translation phase is taking a little longer than first expected!
We’re extremely grateful to all of the translators working on the project. It’s great to see that some translators have submitted translations already, as we’re planning to get the review phase underway shortly. The project committee will be meeting soon to finalise the details of the review phase.
If you’ve arranged to do a translation for the project, please complete your work and send in your translation so we can keep the momentum going. Thank you so much!