Turkish translators

Each translation of the Treaty and Te Tiriti was drafted by a minimum of three translators. These translators first worked individually, and then together, to create the translations of the Treaty and Te Tiriti. These translations were then reviewed by independent reviewers to ensure the highest possible quality.

All of the Turkish translators are listed in the Treaty Times Thirty book. Translators who chose to be included on the website are also listed below.

Anka Sahin, Turkish translator

Anka Sahin

Anka is a Turkish New Zealander living in Melbourne at present. Working as a translator/interpreter was his first full-time job after completing his BA in Politics, French and European Studies at Victoria University of Wellington in 1999. In addition to English and his native Turkish, Anka also speaks or reads and understands to various degrees of fluency French, Spanish, Italian, Azerbaijani and Te Reo Māori. Having worked for some years as a translator/interpreter with the European Commission in Turkey, Anka has been practising in this field for more than 17 years now with the last 12 being on a freelance basis during which time he also embarked on a successful career as an immigration professional. He is the current Victoria/Tasmania Branch President of the Migration Institute of Australia, the principal member organisation for Australian Registered Migration Agents.

Anka currently work as a freelance translator from English into Turkish and from Turkish and Azerbaijani into English for several New Zealand and Australian-based companies. In the past, he also translated from French into English and Turkish as well as working as an interpreter in both directions between Turkish and English. Anka is currently the only full member of the NZSTI in English-Turkish and Turkish-English translation. Apart from languages, his interests include travelling, reading, sampling different cuisines, cinema, football and rugby union. With his passion for learning about other cultures, he has travelled independently in more than 80 countries on all 6 continents.

Seza Kaymak
Seza Kaymak, Turkish reviser

Seza Kaymak

Seza is a Turkish freelance translator and interpreter living in Barcelona, Spain, with 14 years of professional translation and interpretation experience. He graduated from the Department of International Affairs at the University of Marmara in Istanbul with a Bachelor of Arts in 1999. He works for a number of companies based in Spain, the USA, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and many other countries.

He has expertise in a wide range of subjects including electronics, telecommunications, IT, law & patents, medicine, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.