Greek translators

Each translation of the Treaty and Te Tiriti was drafted by a minimum of three translators. These translators first worked individually, and then together, to create the translations of the Treaty and Te Tiriti. These translations were then reviewed by independent reviewers to ensure the highest possible quality.

All of the Greek translators are listed in the Treaty Times Thirty book. Translators who chose to be included on the website are also listed below.

Greek George Bitzilos
George Bitzilos, Greek translator

George Bitzilos

George grew up in Piraeus, Greece. In 1994 he started his own business in Piraeus – a book store selling books, stationery, and photocopy services. Unfortunately owing to the economic recession in Europe, he made the decision to leave Greece and come to New Zealand.

He fell in love with Nelson (South Island). He had been working as Sales Manager in Auckland selling quality imported Greek deli products, so he moved from Auckland to Nelson and started his own business in October 2014. He has a retail deli shop in Nelson and also supplies restaurants in the South Island with imported Greek extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata, Kalamata olives, vinegars, roast red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes plus many more authentic Greek products.

M: 021 0304203    0800 473 353
117G Hardy St, Montgomery Square, Nelson, NZ
PO Box 846, Nelson, 7040,NZ

Vera George, Greek translator

Vera George

Vera was born in Wellington and left for her ancestral homeland of Greece at the age of 15. Without adult supervision, Vera spent the next two decades in Greece, squandering her youth in fun and creative ways. Being young and insatiably curious, Vera picked up Greek psychologically and linguistically, and can now pass for a local in Greece.

This rare upbringing has left Vera completely bi-cultural, with both sides constantly arguing. The Greek side usually wins, as it’s the loudest.

On her return to NZ, Vera gained a double degree in psychology and criminology. She then continued with psychology, earning a BSc (hons) and a MSc, both with 1st class honours. She also earned the Victoria Plus Award and qualified for a lifetime membership in Psi Chi, the International Honour Society in Psychology.

As of June 2016, Vera is contracting with the IRD and indulging her passion for finding things out, and making things work. You can contact Vera at her Linkedin page.