Danish translators

Each translation of the Treaty and Te Tiriti was drafted by a minimum of three translators. These translators first worked individually, and then together, to create the translations of the Treaty and Te Tiriti. These translations were then reviewed by independent reviewers to ensure the highest possible quality.

All of the Danish translators are listed in the Treaty Times Thirty book. Translators who chose to be included on the website are also listed below.

Patricia Leite Shuttleworth, Danish translator

Patricia Leite Shuttleworth

Patricia was born in Brazil but at a young age she and her family moved to the United States, where completed most of her education.

She has been living in New Zealand since 2011 and owns an interpreting-translation business.

She studied Political Science/International Studies, Danish, French and Portuguese languages at State University of New York at Buffalo, United States; French Language and Culture at University of Montpellier, France and gained a Master’s Degree in French-English from the University of Paris, France.

After Paris she moved to Denmark, where she obtained a 2-year Higher Education Diploma of the Danish Language. She lived in Copenhagen for 17 years, where she worked at the University of Copenhagen and worked for 10 years as an interpreter/translator at an interpreting-translation company. The languages she worked with were Danish, English, French and Portuguese. Those are the same languages she works with today.

Besides her translation-interpreting work, she keeps busy with the charitable organisation she and her husband founded: 2nd Chance Ministries, which focuses on giving prisoners a second chance in life by helping them make good decisions that will impact their lives when they leave prison. The organisation gives prisoners support while in prison and once they are back in society, as well as help to prisoners’ families and children of prisoners.