Chinese (Simplified) translators

Each translation of the Treaty and Te Tiriti was drafted by a minimum of three translators. These translators first worked individually, and then together, to create the translations of the Treaty and Te Tiriti. These translations were then reviewed by independent reviewers to ensure the highest possible quality.

All of the Chinese (Simplified) translators are listed in the Treaty Times Thirty book. Translators who chose to be included on the website are also listed below.

Annie Li-an SHIH
Annie Li-an Shih, Chinese (Simplified) translator

Annie Li-an Shih

Annie is a New Zealand registered teacher of Chinese and ESOL. Running a self-employed business named AS Translation Services, Annie is a full member of NZSTI and a NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) approved translator. Her translation documents are accredited by Immigration New Zealand and other public organizations.

Annie is a translator of literary publications as well. She is the translator of the New Zealand novel Oracles and Miracles, which was the first contemporary novel ever translated in China. Besides the publication in Shanghai, China, originally from Taiwan, Ms Shih also has a few translation books published in Taipei, including the above novel in a different version. It means she can competently manage the works in both traditional and simplified Chinese.

AS Translation Services is near Church Corner, and  can be reached by email at or by telephone at 0210576787.

Chinese Simplified Jinrui Li
Jinrui Li, Chinese (Simplified) translator

Jinrui Li

Jinrui is a lecturer of Chinese at Massey University. She was a lecturer of translation at Hebei Polytechnic University in China before she moved to New Zealand in 2008.

After completing her PhD in applied linguistics at the University of Waikato, she took various posts, doing research and teaching writing, translation, and contrastive study of Chinese and English.

She is a member of NZSTI, and also works as a freelance translator, carrying out commissioned translation tasks regularly.

Qian Zhang
Qian Zhang, Chinese (Simplified) translator

Qian Zhang

Qian has a Graduate Diploma in Interpreting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She is now working towards completing a Graduate Diploma in Translating. Originally from China, she arrived in New Zealand in 2006. Qian began interpreting in 2011 (Mandarin English), and has interpreted for a number of clients, including the New Zealand Police, Lawyers, and Members of Parliament.

Qian lives in Feilding with her husband and dog, George, and currently balances casual interpreting work with her fulltime role working in the Public Service.

Jing Fu

Jing Fu graduated from The University of Auckland. She holds a Master’s degree in Translation studies. She is also a full member of NZSTI.