Treaty Times 30 is an ambitious initiative of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI) to translate New Zealand’s founding document into 30 different languages.

2016 marks the Society’s 30th anniversary – to celebrate this milestone, 113 translators have contributed their work to translate the English and the official modern English translation of Māori versions of the Treaty of Waitangi, showcasing best practice in the industry. The translations will be gifted to the people of New Zealand, and published in a book.

The project has received the support of major organisations such as Archives New Zealand, the Office of Ethnic Communities, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the European Union Delegation to New Zealand.

What people say about Treaty Times 30

‘This is fantastic! My English isn’t good to understand it and I want to. I know others who want to also’.

Clemencia, Colombian refugee

‘The translations of the Treaty of Waitangi in the many languages of our country will add significantly to people’s understanding of New Zealand’s founding agreement. The planned publication is an effective way to mark the organisation’s milestone and its long-standing work.’

Dame Claudia Orange

‘Sometimes you stumble onto projects that make you proud to be a translator. This is one of them… Why is this such a remarkable gesture? Because the original (rush-job) translation of the treaty was so severely botched that it caused countless injustices and has so far cost the government of New Zealand 1 billion NZD in reparations.’ … Continue reading Jost Zetzsche, Ph.D., CT (ATA Certified Translator), International Writers’ Group, LLC

Jost Zetzsche, Ph.D., CT (ATA Certified Translator), International Writers’ Group, LLC

‘Ngā mihi i roto i ngā āhuatanga o te wā. This project is exciting, valuable, and inspiring! I am offering my full support, and that of my whānau and hapū (Ngāti Kikopiri, Ōhau area), and my congratulations to those who worked on the idea.’

Piripi Walker, Ngāti Kikopiri